What Is It?

WOWClowd Structured Cable Testing Solution - App, Clowd, Hardware

Now there really is no reason to deal with lost test results, outdated USB transfers  from and scribbles on hard copy floor plans…STOP THE MADNESS! In light of all the technological advancements of our day, there’s a better way. A way that is much more efficient and less costly. 

Check out each of the solution parts below. We’ll show you how your techs can use an iOS or Android mobile device (whatever they prefer), with our App, with our cloud based project management solution to deliver real time electronic floor plans, results, reports and more. Now you can collaborate in real time, exceed customer expectations, reduce costs and maximize revenue like never before. Don’t take our word for it though, see for yourself.

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It’s small, it’s sleek and it was designed for efficiency. Right away you notice it is missing all the buttons and dials. That is because it was also designed with the latest BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology so that it can seamlessly connect with your mobile device where you will initiate tests. (Costly Calibrations? Nope! We will let you know when to run a simple firmware upgrade.)

WOWTester App

Technicians, enough of the paper floor plans with scribbled notes. Install the WOWTester app where you can access work orders, run your tests and then view results in real time. Need to attach pictures or notes? Easy! You’re on your phone…you already know how to do all that.


Electronic floor plans, test results, reports and more all at your fingertips, just log in! The WOWTester app automatically pushes data directly to the cloud so all project stakeholders can collaborate in real time. Managers can effectively manage, PM’s can effectively update and even customers can be informed. This can be your project management/facilities management cloud solution.