WOWClowd™ Announces Integration with Cable Certification Testers

January 23, 2015 at 8:00 AM

WOWClowd will soon import third party certification level test results. NEW functionality will be demonstrated at BICSI in February. 

WOW Insites LLC, a new innovator in the telecommunications industry, is excited to announce that WOWClowd will soon integrate with certification level testers; fully supporting the import of 3rd party certified test results. This highly sought after functionality will be demonstrated and launched at BICSI in February.

WOWClowd’s end-to-end solution is leveraging cutting edge mobile cloud technology to change the face of cable testing. With this platform, project managers can create work orders, upload floor plans, drag/drop endpoints, all at the cloud. Technicians then initiate testing from their mobile device and feed test results, pictures, video, GPS coordinates in real time to a collaborative project management solution easily accessible for all project stakeholders at the cloud.

The market fully embraced this concept from its very first announcement and even actively participated in extensive beta testing and product design. However, since product launch, there has been a consistent request for integration with certification level testers manufactured by companies such as Fluke, Ideal and JDSU. As a result, this feature development became a top priority for WOWClowd with the goal of delivering and announcing at BICSI Winter 2015.

Carey Gille, Vice President of Product says, “We continue to be absolutely committed to the voice of the customer. Our customers spoke and we listened and, as a result, adding certification test capabilities to our solution will soon be a reality. The capability to upload and integrate certified test results with our exclusive project and facilities management tools will provide a superior end user experience in a class of its own” says Gille. 

The enhancement of WOWClowd’s technology platform with this integration functionality will eliminate costly, time-consuming limitations of doing things the traditional way. No longer are we dependent upon a process based on severely outdated methods like paper floor plans with hand-written notes, locally stored test results that can be lost or stolen and end customers who are frustrated with contractor services that fail to provide project updates or visibility.

For the first time ever, WOWClowd subscribers will upload and import 3rd party certifier test results directly to WOWClowd where they can assign clients, sites, work orders, upload floor plans, match patch panels and ports and run reports. This new integration functionality is key as it means the WOWClowd platform can now be experienced industry-wide, regardless of certification requirements or tester preference.

CEO Steve Kanne, who has been in the industry for over 20 years, said, “Our mobile cloud capability significantly improves productivity, collaboration and profitability as owners, project managers, field personnel and end-customers now have real time access to the cloud where test results, project management tools, customer floor plans, and other project documentation are updated collected, time-stamped, stored and backed up. The WOWClowd Solution is an affordable game changing product that is revolutionizing the cable testing industry.”